Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dennis Rodman to Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame forward Scottie Pippen said he hopes former teammate Dennis Rodman gets into the Basketball Hall of Fame, which has him on its nomination list this season. Rodman led the league in rebounding seven straight seasons and was named to the All-Defensive team eight times.

Finalists for the Hall are announced during the NBA All-Star weekend. “We all watched Dennis’ career and we know just how good he was as a basketball player,” Pippen said. “I think we all got caught up in his antics, and things he did away from the game, and it sort of disrespected or took attention away from what he did on the basketball court. But he is surely a Hall of Famer.”

Pippen said he does not think Rodman’s “antics” should keep him out of the Hall. “I want to hope the people who voted to get me in saw the same thing that I saw in an opponent and as a teammate,” Pippen said. “That would be a player who had a very high IQ, played at a very high level and at the end of the day proved to be one of the best who ever played the game.”


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